Shipping & Delivery

Top Shotter Fireworks offers free shipping on orders over £300 within the UK. For orders that fall below this amount, delivery charges are applied. These charges are based on the delivery location and the hazardous nature of the products.

The use of specialist couriers makes the shipping costs for fireworks significantly higher compared to standard online deliveries. We strive to absorb as much of this cost as possible, aiming to make delivery affordable for our customers.

For detailed information on our delivery prices, please visit our deliveries page.

Fireworks must be shipped via special couriers due to their hazardous nature. Regular postal services like DPD, UPS, and Royal Mail are not equipped to handle dangerous goods, which includes fireworks classified as explosives.

These items require handling by specialist couriers who are trained to transport such materials safely, ensuring they are properly managed during transit to prevent accidents.

Although using specialist couriers incurs a premium fee, we strive to absorb as much of this cost as possible to keep delivery affordable for our customers. This approach helps ensure that fireworks reach you safely without compromising on safety standards.

We do not provide live tracking for firework orders due to the safety concerns surrounding the transport of explosives. Live tracking information could potentially make our deliveries a target.

However, we ensure that our customers are kept well-informed throughout the delivery process. From the moment your order is packed and scheduled for delivery, to providing you with a specific timeframe on the delivery day, we keep you updated.

Our specialist courier drivers will also contact you along the way to ensure the delivery process is smooth and worry-free for all our customers.

Yes, you can schedule a specific delivery date for your fireworks, as long as it aligns with the schedule of our specialist couriers.

We understand the importance of planning for special events and will do our best to accommodate your preferred date.

Please note that this service is subject to availability and there may be a premium fee, as it depends on the operational constraints and availability of the couriers.

We strive to find the best-suited date that ensures a smooth delivery experience for our customers.

Yes, we do offer same-day or next-day delivery for fireworks.

However, we ask that you contact us beforehand to discuss the feasibility. If we can accommodate your request, we will happily do so.

Please be aware that this service could incur a premium charge, although we will endeavour to waive this fee if possible.

Availability for such expedited delivery options depends on the courier services’ schedules and operational capabilities.

Someone aged 18 or above must be present with valid ID at the delivery address to receive the fireworks.

We inform all customers well in advance of the delivery day, allowing you to discuss and adjust the delivery date if you anticipate being unavailable.

If the specialist explosive courier arrives and no one aged 18 or over with valid ID is available to sign for the delivery, they will not leave the fireworks. In such cases, rescheduling the delivery will require paying the shipping fee again.

It’s crucial to ensure someone is available on the first attempt to avoid any additional charges, as we aim to get it right the first time and prevent extra costs for our customers.

All items are double-checked before leaving our warehouse to ensure they meet our safety standards.

The fireworks are then securely boxed in a manner that complies with the courier’s requirements for safe transport. This involves using robust packaging materials designed to protect the fireworks from damage during transit.

If for any reason you discover that an item is damaged upon delivery, please inform us straight away so we can address the issue promptly. This allows us to resolve any problems quickly and ensure customer satisfaction


We accept a variety of payment options to ensure a convenient and secure purchase process. You can use all major debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of PayPal and Klarna payments.

This range of options provides you with multiple ways to complete your transaction smoothly and securely, catering to your preferences.

Yes, it is safe to make payments on our website. We employ the highest industry standard security measures to ensure that our customers can safely complete transactions.

Additionally, our payment processes and website security have been audited by recognised payment providers like PayPal and Klarna, confirming that we meet all necessary security requirements. This allows our customers to shop with confidence and peace of mind.

Our commitment to security is also reflected in our positive customer service reviews on platforms like Google and Trustpilot, which highlight our reliable and trustworthy service.

Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive an email confirmation from us indicating that your order is in process.

If there are any issues with your payment, we will contact you directly to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Our payment system is equipped with robust security measures to detect any suspicious activity, ensuring the safety of your transaction. 


Unfortunately, due to the nature of fireworks as explosives, we are unable to accept returns once a purchase has been made. This policy ensures the safety of our staff and maintains the integrity of our warehouse operations.

All products are thoroughly checked for safety before dispatch, and accepting returns could pose a risk if items have been tampered with upon return.

This measure is in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance are upheld.

If you receive an item that is damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately. We will address the issue promptly in accordance with our return policy to ensure your satisfaction and safety.

If you receive a damaged or faulty item in your fireworks order, please contact us immediately. We take such matters seriously and will resolve the issue in accordance with our policy.

Our team is committed to ensuring that any concerns are addressed swiftly and satisfactorily, so you can enjoy your purchase without any complications.

Please provide details of the damage so we can expedite the resolution process effectively.

As previously mentioned, we do not accept returns of fireworks. If you encounter any defective items, please contact us immediately for guidance. We will advise you on how to safely dispose of the defective fireworks in accordance with firework safety guidelines.

This policy helps ensure the safety and security of all parties involved and maintains compliance with safety regulations.

Using Fireworks

When using fireworks, it is crucial to follow all safety instructions provided on the labels attached to each product. Different categories of fireworks require specific safety distances, so it’s important to read and understand these guidelines before lighting any fireworks. Always ensure that you:

  1. Set up fireworks in a clear, open area away from buildings, vehicles, and foliage.
  2. Have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of fire or other mishaps.
  3. Use a long lighter or a fuse extender to light the fireworks from a safe distance.
  4. Never try to relight “dud” fireworks that have failed to ignite initially.
  5. Keep spectators at the recommended safety distances mentioned on the fireworks labels.

By adhering to these guidelines and the specific instructions provided with your fireworks, you can enjoy a safe and spectacular display.

Yes, we offer a variety of fireworks suitable for small gardens. These products are specifically designed to be used safely in more confined spaces and comply with safety regulations for such environments.

If you require further assistance or recommendations based on your specific garden size and safety concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our team is more than happy to provide guidance and help you select the best fireworks for a safe and enjoyable experience in your small garden.

To ensure your fireworks are stored safely until you’re ready to use them, please follow these essential guidelines:

  1. Keep Away from Fire Hazards: Always store your fireworks away from anything that could ignite them prematurely. This includes keeping them away from open flames, heaters, and other heat sources, as well as out of direct sunlight.

  2. Store in a Dry Place: Fireworks must be kept in a cool, dry area to prevent moisture from damaging them. Moisture can not only ruin the fireworks but also make them dangerous to use.

  3. Adhere to Legal Regulations: It’s important to familiarise yourself with and follow the specific laws and regulations regarding fireworks storage in the UK. Be aware that regulations can differ between regions, such as Scotland and England, covering aspects like the amount of fireworks you can store and the type of facilities appropriate for storage.

Following these storage instructions will help ensure that your fireworks remain in good condition and are safe to use when you need them. This approach also ensures that you comply with all relevant safety and legal standards.